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Please look below for PDF instructions for plug in for down load or printing

Find the altimeter/Barometric Pressure Sensor. It is located in the wiring harness above starter. (see illustration below)

Barometric Pressure Sensor #5

       It has a black, pink, gray wire in the harness.

1.       Clip the zip ties and loosen the harness for easy access.

2.       Unplug the sensor and place in a safe place in the vehicle.

3.       Take the ugly fix Charlotte ® out of package. Lay in a place for easy access.

4.       Peel back wiring harness shroud about one inch or more so wires can be seen. Look and see if the wires are pink, black, white in color.

5.        Plug in the Ugly Fix and lock red tab.

6.       Take the new chip and place back by the wiring harness and zip tie back into place.

7.       Crank the engine and look on the dash board clusters for engine light. (Check engine) If out, all is installed correctly. EGR is off and turbo vanes are open.

Note: If engine light is on, re-check installation.


Ugly fix instructions for plug in pdf format     Down load instructions

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